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These advises are exactly my own point of view and can't be applied to the any situation and any people. They can be useful only to those who likes freedom not only for themselves but for the whole world around.

Since our points of view depends on moments in life I can't promise you
leave this page untouched.

I only could recommend you the followed principes:

  • Don't expect from anybody anything. Failed expectations hurt.
  • Don't call to be understood and needed. It's dependency, it binds your hands and cuts off wings.
  • Don't claim from anybody more that he/she can.
  • Don't obligate. Nobody is obligated for you.
  • Don't express the serious intention to do something you don't intend to do.
  • Love, but don't claim anything in return for.
  • Don't try to use anybody as your own thing. Every people has the freedom.
  • Don't regret. Look ahead.
  • Don't feel sorry for someone. This one will use you as he/she wish. Don't feel sorry for yourself formerly. Remember that to compass and to be sorry is very different things.
  • Don't try. Do or do not. To try is to show yourself that you can't.
  • Don't get into the habits, they burden.
  • Look into the moment, it is astounding, an everyone.
  • Be attentional, otherwise you'll never see many amazing things
  • Do your best, as if it is the last moment of your life.

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